Anton Swifton's Geometric Games

I make games that revolve around various geometric objects. If you like this genre, you can give me your email to get updates. Or follow me on YouTube or Twitter.

Cyborg Earthworm

Earthworm 1 Earthworm 1

Cyborg Earthworm is an open-ended puzzle game where you program a Snake AI using a visual language. There is a post that goes into more detail. It will be out soon, and in the meantime you can wishlist it on Steam.


Polytaire 1 Polytaire 1

Pojong is a polygonal solitaire. The principle is similar to Mahjong: a polygon is blocked if at least a half of its perimeter is touched by other polygons. You have to remove couples of similar non-blocked polygons until there are none left. Available for free on itch, playable in browser.